Medica Medical Center

The story of Medica began with a dream of building our new home in Ramat Hachayal. Our vision was all about a premium medical center which would establish a new standard in the medical world and provide the new-level experience for both doctors and patients. We spent thousands of hours planning down to the smallest details in order to turn Medica into a medical center which would be the obvious choice of doctors and patients alike. This is how the new medical center in Ramat Hachayal was planned, designed, and built. Opened on May 12, 2019, it has 4 floors, each adding up to the story of Medica: alongside with promoting medical excellence and hiring the best surgeons of immense professionalism, we created the medical center that feels like a luxury boutique hotel with carefully picked artwork, spacious and bright public spaces, comfortable and cozy seating areas, immediate appointment scheduling option, personal approach and of course the sense of security that embraces the patient and the family members. When your surgeon recommends Medica, you will know that they are giving you the most professional recommendation. When your agent or insurance company tells you about Medica, it is because they know that Medica equals the best there is and want you to be fully satisfied.

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