Migdal, the leading insurance, pension and financial group in Israel, sees itself as having a major role in the building of a humane, healthy and stable society. As a leading Israeli company for the last 80 years, our work has always been to manage our customers’ money responsibly and provide economic security for about 2.3 million customers, who have entrusted us with their insurance funds, pension savings and long-term investments. The group operates in the insurance, pension andprovident fund fields The group’s insurance activities are carried out through Migdal Insurance and the group’s pension and provident fund activity is executed through Migdal Insurance’s subsidiaries: Migdal Makefet and Yozma for the Self-Employed. The group also holds insurance agencies, most of them Migdal Agencies. Migdal Insurance’s parent company, Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings Ltd. also operates in the financial services field. Primarily it manages financial assets (managing mutual funds and portfolios). In addition it does market investments as well as investement banking, distribution and nostro accounts. Ownership of “Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings Ltd.” is divided between Eliyahu 1959 Ltd. (approximately 68.46%) and the public (approximately 31.54%) The company has an Aa1 rating for financial solidity (IFSR) from Midroog Ltd, which specializes in credit ratings of Israeli companies. individual and business customers.

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