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Connecting to a Channel

This guide will help you access your instance Channels and their options.

Your omnibox instance simplifies chat commerce through Channels that enable you to connect to different Chat Platforms, for example, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc. Follow this guide to learn how Channels work and can connect with a particular chat platform.

Step 1 – Access Channels

Inside the Dashboard, go to the left sidebar and select Channels.

Accessing Channels Inside your instance

Step 2 – Create a Channel

A new window will open with 8 Channel options upon selecting the Channels.

Channels Options

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • 360Dialog
  • Emma
  • WeChat
  • Maytapi
  • Cloud API

your omnibox instance Channels

To create a channel, go to the channel option and click Configure. It will open a popup where you must enter the details to complete the process.

To learn how to get the required details, you can explore individual guides for each channel.

Configure a Channel

If you have already created a channel before, the Channels window shows a channel list allowing you to apply changes to existing channels easily.

Channels List

To create a new channel, click the Create Channel button. A popup will appear asking which Channel connection you want to create.

Channel Options Available at your omnibox instance

Select the required Channel and click Next. Then, follow the next step to complete the connection. Check out other user guides to learn how to create a channel for a specific chat platform option available at your omnibox instance.

What’s Next?

As you’ve learned how to create and connect a channel, you can now create different channels or add team members to your omnibox instance account.

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