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Google Dialogflow

Integrate Google Bot to your Omnibox instance using Google Dialogflow Integration.

What is Google Dialogflow?

A conversational application for a company’s clients can be created using the Dialogflow NGL platform, which supports numerous platforms and multiple languages. And it’s supported at your Omnibox instance to help you create messaging bots that reply to client inquiries on Channels like Facebook and WhatsApp API.

Two different virtual agent services are offered by Dialogflow, each with a unique agent type, user interface, API, client libraries, and documentation.

  • Dialogflow CX: provides a sophisticated agent type appropriate for huge or extremely complicated agents.
  • Dialogflow ES: offers the typical agent type appropriate for modest and straightforward agents.

Google Dialogflow ES Fulfillment

Reasons Why to Use It?

There are several applications for Dialogflow, including:

  • AI interfaces for customer service can be developed to receive requests, access orders, schedule appointments, and answer queries.
  • Customers can use bots to arrange delivery or make self-service purchases.
  • IoT devices can benefit from Dialogflow to better comprehend the context and reply accurately.

Integrating Google Dialogflow

At your Omnibox instance, integrating Google Dialogflow is simple and only takes a few moments to complete the integration and enable the bot. If you’ve created a bot using Google Dialogflow, you can integrate it with your Omnibox instance.

Head over to the Integrations in the sidebar and then select Google Dialogflow.

Then, in the Connect Dialogflow modal, enter the title and Sign in with Google.

Once signed in, you’d find the options to,

  • Enter the email address for the integration = Integrated With
  • Select Bot = choose the bot you’ve created using Google Dialogflow.
  • Select Bot Environment.

After you’ve added all the details, click Save. To Enable/disable the bot, click the toggle. To edit it, click the

Edit the Icon button. And to delete it, click the

Trash Icon button.

Connect Bot to a Channel

To connect your Channel with Google Dialogflow, go to ChannelsChannels.

Then, click Edit for the channel you want the Google Dialogflow to be connected to.

Afterward, in the Select Dialogfloe field, select your Google Dialogflow and click Save.

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