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Part 2 The Web Portal

In the SDE web portal, you will see the welcome screen, the Dashboard where you can monitor the instance of the SDE server at a glance.

The web portal has a navigation panel containing this category:

  • Dashboard – Monitor the organization instances at a glance
  • Safe Spaces – Create and Manage SDE Safe Spaces (Vault) and Configure permissions.
  • Policies – Configure and manage security policies at the user level.
  • Groups – Create and manage a collection of users who share a single Safe-T SDE policy and have permission to access specified Safe Spaces.
  • Audit – feature lets you view a table of recent actions (i.e., events) in your SDE server.
  • Reports – view and export Safe-T SDE Server events by configuring filters.
  • Roles – Edit and Configure Roles.
  • Settings – View or Issue new and Edit Licenses.
  • Help – Information about your SDE server
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