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Part 3 Create Safe Spaces

In this chapter, you will create a Safe Space for your organization.

  • Click the  Safe Spaces  button on the left navigation panel to view the Safe Spaces administrative work ground.
  • Click on  New Safe Space  button

In the  General  section

  • Fill in your new Safe Space Name
  • Add Description for the Safe Space (optional)
  • Select  File Storage - Standard mode  (commonly used)
  • Make sure you select  Visible  option to enable the appearance of the Safe Space in the web portal

In the Connection Section

  • Select the Type of the Safe Space connection (i.e., Local Drive)
  • Fill in or Verify the required connection Path (i.e., C:\SafeSpace%UserName%\MyStorage)
  • *Select  Enable Credentials  if you want to change the default username and password for the safe place.
  • Click on Test Connection to verify the connection to the safe folder path
  • If the connection test succeeded, go ahead and click next button

In Security Section

  • Choose Default Group Policy (you can choose different one or create a Policy later)
  • In Assigned Groups / Users you can choose users and groups and edit their permissions

In Identity Section

  • Copy and Save the UFID code you generated.

In Advanced Section

Make sure Allow the Disk Quota Service to delete files on this Safe Space is Marked

In Permissions Section

  • you can Edit permissions
  • when you are done editing, Click Save button and you will be redirected to the main Safe Space screen and be able to see the Safe Spaces you have just created,
  • By now, you have Successfully logged in as Admin and Created your first Safe Space; Good Work✔️
  • Please continue to the Policies Chapter

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