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Part 4 Create Policy

In this chapter, you will create a new policy for your organization

• Click on  New Policy

In General Section

• Give your policy a Name and Description

• Click Next and continue to Permissions stage

In Permissions Section

On the first column to the left select Access Control , then select OTP section and enable the Enforce OTP option and verify that the Token Delivery Method is Via Email, and the recipient will need to use OTP to view the Email content for every Email message sent from your organization


• Next, click on CompanyInfo section, then fill in your company support email address


• Click on Next button and continue to File Types stage


In File Types Section


• If your organization restricts the usage of specific file types here, you can mark them to prevent their access.

• When you are done, click on Save button


• A success message will appear in your page header


Note: Policies have many possibilities depending on your organization needs. In This Guide you can find more information about policies

• Congratulations, you have just created your first policy in SDE. Next chapter, you will assign that policy to a new group of users in your organization

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