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How To Use This Guide

TerraZone recommends learning about the TerraZone SDE product as follows: 1: Read from this section How To Use This Guide to the top of External Tools. This will provide you with a high-level understanding of TerraZone SDE.

2: Read the sections Safe-T Administration Console: Day-To-Day Tasks to the bottom of Connect to the Organization’s SMTP Server.

3: Read these sections: Manage TerraZone SDE Licenses, Reference Section, Troubleshooting and the Glossary.

4: Become familiar with the TerraZone Outlook Plug-in User Guide.

Many of the policy parameters you learn to configure in this Admin guide are relevant for the three end user interfaces: Safe-T Outlook Plug-in, Safe-T web portal, and mobile app for iOS and Android.

TerraZone SDE Administration Interfaces

TerraZone SDE administrators use these interfaces:

  • TerraZone SDE Administration Console: The web-based Safe-T SDE Administration Console provides day-to-day administrative access to the main features, settings, and status information related to the Safe-T SDE server.
  • TerraZone SDE Configuration Tool: The TerraZone SDE Configuration Tool is a Windows-based application used for initialization tasks you do not perform frequently. For more information on the tasks you can perform with each administration interface, see TerraZone SDE Admin Interfaces: Tasks.
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