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Integrated Data Security Platform

  • Native and SDK based support for all common enterprise file transfer and business application protocols.
  • Integrate new RFC protocols or modify existing ones.
  • Real-time application/protocol conversion (HTTP to SFTP, SQL to DropBox). Authentication Gateway
  • Built-in multi-factor authentication and authorization (MFA) engine.
  • Integrate Safe-T SDE with any number of authentication and authorization systems. SecureStream™ policy and workflow engine
  • Broker traffic to 3rd party security (DLP, AV, anti-malware) and IAM products.
  • Automatically enforce security policies on outgoing/incoming data exchange flows.
  • Create multi-factor authentication, authorization, and other data exchange workflows. Connectors
  • Approximately 50 compiled connectors are available for integration with enterprise applications, data storage, cloud storage/solutions, security services, authentication, encryption, and more.

Secure Virtual Vaults (SVV) technology

This is completely optional and not required for this tutorial!

TerraZone SDE Security Policy Enforcement

Safe-T SDE enforces security measures using both 1) policies and 2) external tools.

  • Policies: Configurable sets of parameters that are primarily responsible for defining security restrictions on end users. For more information, see Safe-T Object Relationships and How To Create Policies.
  • External tools: Security applications that operate on files in a Safe Space. Each Safe-T SDE server can run a configurable sequence or a complex workflow of built-in and third-party tools that implement services. For more information, see External Tools.

Examples of services that can be provided by external tools: File encryption, antivirus (AV), data leak prevention (DLP), copying files to a remote server in a different network segment, connecting to another Safe-T SDE server, and other services.

TerraZone SDE server ships with approximately 50 compiled connectors enabling organizations to easily implement and run many third-party security applications on files stored in TerraZone SDE Vaults.

Note: Although TerraZone SDE supplies connectors to integrate with many leading security applications (e.g. Encryption, antivirus, DLP), Safe-T SDE does not supply the .exe files or licenses for proprietary third-party products.

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