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Safe-T SDE supports approximately 100 configurable policy parameters that enable and enforce data security. Most policy parameters are geared toward enforcing secure operations by end users.

A policy is a Safe-T object that can be connected to one or more groups. A Safe-T SDE administrator creates group policies and procedures for secure data sharing and exchange that can be integrated into existing business workflows. See TerraZone Object Relationships.


  1. Policies enforce security at the user level (e.g. file access expiry, download limits), and external tools enforce security by performing operations on files (e.g. file encryption, virus scanning, DLP, copying files to another server).
  2. Policies are connected to groups.

Info: You can optionally connect a policy to a Safe Space. Doing so will override the group’s policy only for that specific Safe Space. For more information, see How To Create Policies.

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