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Safe Spaces

TerraZone SDE digital vaults, or folders, are called Safe Spaces. A Safe Space contains data from a source that often is transparent to users. A Safe Space can reside on the TerraZone SDE server, a network file storage location, FTP/SFTP site, or in an MS SQL database.

Tip: TerraZone SDE allows, but does not require, Safe Space folders to be stored within its local storage.

You can connect Safe Spaces to one or multiple groups. Users then access Safe Spaces based on the user’s group membership. You also can grant access to a Safe Space by connecting a Safe Space directly to a specific user.

Using the Safe-T Outlook Plug-in, Safe-T web portal, and mobile app, users upload/download files and send files by email selecting various levels of transport security.

Important: The file upload/download functionality is like other file sync and share solutions. However, Terrazone stores uploaded files in Safe Spaces where policies and external tools enforce strict, customized security.

When a TerraZone Outlook Plug-in user sends an email with file attachments the files are uploaded to a special Outlook Safe Space. The Outlook Safe Space is not visible or accessible to users. The Safe Space is used as a storage area for intended email attachments.

Recipients are delivered the sent email message in their email client. However, recipients download file attachments securely from the TerraZone web portal after authentication instead of receiving file attachments via a non-secure email path.

Safe-spaces are configured to work either in Storage or Archive mode. For descriptions of these two modes, see How To Create Safe Spaces.

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