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2.2 Configure Network Rules

To configure network rules, do the following:

1. Open the ‘Network Rules’ window.

2. Double-click the existing rule.

3. Fill in the following information:

Name – name in format

[customer's subdomain]-admin.packetauth.com:808] (for example: domain-admin.packetauth.com:808)

IP Address – truePass Admin URL in the following format:

[customer's subdomain].packetauth.com] (for example: terrazone.packetauth.com)

Port – 808

Host Name – the same value as the ‘IP Address’ value.

Example of the configuration:

4. Configure required services – for example, ‘Remote Desktop Application Proxy’‘HTTP Service’ or ‘SSH Service’.

  • Double-click the service.
  • Check ‘Service is Active’ checkbox
  • Set the IP address of the service.

NOTE: For the ‘Remote Desktop Application Proxy’ service IP address should be set to

Example of ‘Remote Desktop Application Proxy’ configuration:

Example of ‘HTTP Service’ configuration:

5. Click ‘OK’ to save changes.

If some service isn’t active by default, check the ‘SERVICE IS ACTIVE’ cheсkbox first.

Enabling the service:

After updating service properties, the ‘pending network policies and configuration deployments‘ warning appears:

To deploy changes, do the following:

1. Click the ‘System’ tab in the toolbar.

2. Click the ‘Deploy Configurations’ button.

3. Confirm deployment.

After successful deployment, you can go to the ‘Dashboard’ and see the successful status of the services running:

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