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To specify authentication and authorization methods for the policy, open the policy and click the ‘Edit’ button:

For fast updating the Authentication and Authorization Methods, right-click the policy and select the ‘Edit Authentication and Authorization Methods’ option:

In the opened window you can change Authentication and Authorization Methods.

The following authentication and authorization methods can be enabled:

  • LDAP for Active Directory authentication/authorization [required option]
  • TOTP for passwordless authentication [optional]
  • Two-Factor Authorization (2FA) via Email or SMS [optional]
  • Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) [optional]
  • Captcha [optional]
Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA)

NOTE:If any of the options is grayed out it means the service is not Enabled.
To activate the option follow the next example shown here on SMAL:

SAML/OICD enabled‘ option will be available only if ‘SAML Authentication‘ service enabled on the ‘SERVICES CONFIGURATION’ section.

To use any of these options, it must be configured on the ‘SERVICES CONFIGURATION’ window. For more details see CHAPTER 2.1 CONFIGURE SERVICES.

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