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To update added service configurations, do the following:

1. Select any of the added applications.

Click the ‘Edit’ button.

For example:

In the opened window, the following information can be configured:

  • name
  • description
  • MFA enabled or not
  • access expiration date
  • a limited number of RDP logins
  • restricted access per device (machine)
  • possibility to allow drivers and clipboard redirection
  • possibility to do not sign RDP files on related domain
  • workflow integration

Workflow Integration – allows to record the video of user session via Remote Desktop:

Event Trigger‘ – allows to start recording by keyboard combination.

For example: cmd, Windows + R.

Examples of services configurations:

1. Access for domain admins from different domains with disabled MFA, disabled access expiration date and disabled drivers and clipboard redirection:

2. Access for specific users with enabled MFA enabled access expiration date, and enabled drivers and clipboard redirection:

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