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To configure application access control (specific user access to specific stations), do the following:

1. Select any of the added applications.

2. Double-click it or click the ‘Edit Application Access Control list’ link.

For example:

3. In the opened window, click the ‘Add User’ or ‘Add Group’ button to add a relevant user or user group:

Or click the ‘Import’ button to import the domain user and group:

4. Click the ‘Add Computer’ button to add the relevant RDP station.

5. Add the required IP address or hostname and port 3389 in the appeared user block.

NOTE: If port 3389 wasn’t added, it would be added automatically while saving.

6. Click the ‘Add Relationship’ button to link the user and station.

7. Click the user and the computer to create a link between them.

8. Click the ‘Apply Changes’ link to save changes.

9. Close the window.

After successfully adding a user, it appears in the ‘Access Control List’.

For example:

NOTE: HTTP and SSH services don’t work with Access Control for now.

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