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NOTE: Generate RDP file available for server to server use case only.

To generate an RDP file for user access, do the following:

1. Select the relevant user in the ‘Access Control List section.

2. Click the ‘Generate RDP File’ button.

3. On the opened ‘true-Pass RDP File Generator’ window, the RDP file data is shown and it can be saved using the ‘Generate RDP file’ button.

In this window there are also 2 additional options that can be enabled:

  • Allow Access to multiple workstations defined under the Application Access Control list – in this case, the ‘Workstation’ field is cleared, and the user will have access to the multiple stations, which list can be viewed by clicking the ‘Show Access Control list’ button.

Example of Access List for the user:

Include IPSec Portable Desktop Agent – in this case after clicking the ‘Generate RDP File’ button, the IPSec Desktop app will be saved together with the RDP file.

Such RDP files should be generated and provided to all relevant users to access the RDP service.

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