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5.1.1 Access SSH/SFTP Service

To access the SSH/SFTP service, do the following:

1. Open any SSH client (e.g., WinSCP).

2. Create a new connection.

3. Select the ‘File protocol‘ option.

4. Enter the ‘Host name‘ and ‘Port’ values – address of the SSH/SFTP service.

5. Enter the ‘User name‘ (username in not UPN format) and ‘Password’ values.
Example of configuration:

6. Open the ‘Advanced…‘ settings and select the ‘Proxy’ option.

7. Select the ‘SOCKS4‘ proxy type.

8. Set the ‘Proxy host name’ parameter to [your domain].packetauth.com value (with your domain).

9. Set the ‘Port number‘ parameter to 443 .

10. Set the ‘Username‘ parameter to the Access Token value for this user and this service.

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