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Report Attack or Hack


Until the response team contact


  1. Isolate the affected systems to prevent further damage and contain the attack.
  2. Identify the type of attack and the specific systems or data that were targeted.
  3. Notify senior management and the IT department immediately.
  4. Retain a digital forensics team to conduct a thorough investigation.
  5. Disconnect or shut down any compromised systems to prevent data exfiltration.
  6. Change all passwords and implement two-factor authentication for all accounts.
  7. Review and update security protocols and policies to prevent similar attacks in the future.
  8. Take a snapshot of all the affected systems and data to aid in the investigation.
  9. Communicate with your customers and partners, informing them of the situation and the steps you are taking to resolve it.
  10. Continuously monitor the systems for any suspicious activity, and ensure that all systems are fully restored and secure before bringing them back online.


Understand event types


  • A type of malware that encrypts a victim’s files and demands payment in exchange for the decryption key.


  • An unauthorized entry into a system or network.


  • The act of gaining unauthorized access to a system or network.

Under Attack:

  • An ongoing effort by an attacker to gain unauthorized access to a system or network.


  • An attacker pretending to be someone else, such as in phishing attacks.

Data Stolen:

  • The unauthorized access and removal of data from a system or network.

Services Down:

    • A situation where a system or network’s services are not available due to an attack or other issue.