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Why we attend at innotech?

introducing our hybrid edge technology

The INNOTECH exhibition and conference offer a unique opportunity for technology companies, government organizations, and organizations worldwide to exhibit their latest developments and solutions at the forefront of the international innovation arena. Furthermore, the exhibition provides a platform for companies and organizations to show their technological capabilities in cyber, artificial intelligence, smart cities, Fintech, DeepTech, autonomous systems, big data, infrastructure, hardware, IoT, cloud, security, and more.


We are online!

Everyone can be part of this conference – we’re going virtual! And we will be streaming it from Expo Tel Aviv’.

About terrazone

TerraZone Ltd. ( is a global provider of cyber security and privacy solutions to governments and enterprises. TerraZone’s software solutions protect industry leading customers from cyber-attacks with industry listed cyber patents. TerraZone offers a multilevel security architecture, leading in the “Zero Trust” combined product architecture which defends an enterprises’ cloud. TerraZone provides the most comprehensive one point of control security management system. TerraZone solutions defend thousands of organizations of all sizes.

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