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truePass Cloud Hybrid

truePass is a privileged access management solution that aims to improve security and productivity by reducing the attack surface area, cutting operational overhead, and easily enforcing compliance. It replaces VPNs, shared credentials, and legacy privileged access management technologies.

Improve the Way You Manage Access.

Secret Network

Utilize encrypted data without exposing it to anyone, even the nodes in the network. Secret Network empowers developers to build decentralized, permissionless, privacy-preserving applications.

Simplified Zero Network

Reduce data breaches and loss, system and application vulnerabilities, advanced persistent threats (APTs), denial of service attacks, account hijacking, and malicious insiders.


IT administrators may drastically lower the risks of online attacks by managing all facets of network security with a Zero Network solution – in ways that a firewall simply cannot.

Multiple Solutions, Single Technology

Access by Geolocation

Manage infrastructure remote access by configuring the Geolocation, Date frame, and entry tickets for every user.

Flexible resouce segmentation

truePass administrators can configure roles to permit or prohibit users’ access to applications with explicit labels using resource segmentation.

Legacy MFA integration

Make your legacy application MFA secure easily using truePass without spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Reverse your connections

Patented dual-node reverse access technology is designed to secure the corporate network from outside the security perimeter by removing the need to open any incoming ports in the internal firewall when passing traffic to back-end servers.

Monitor & control remote session

truePass administrators can determine rules that permit users to enter each other’s sessions. Relying on the requirements, these users can watch the session in real-time, participate in the session, and terminate the session at will.

Multiple authentication solutions

Authenticates users to your infrastructure by giving short-lived certificates. After a user completes an SSO authentication flow, truePass issues a short-lived certificate to the user. truePass even creates a momentary user on the Auth Service backend.