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truePass Zero Trust

truePass Zero Network means that each user only has access to the resources they need and that this access depends on identity and context. Within our truePass dashboard, you can quickly segment your users into groups and create policies that define which of your connected resources (Hybrid, on-prem servers or apps, public cloud apps etc.) are accessible to specific groups.


Authorize only required network access between resources and between environments.

Hybrid Infrastructure Defence

With the truePass Secret network, You have control over protecting assets both in the cloud and on-premises environments.

Compliance first

Meet the industry compliance requirements with truePass Zero trust pen-test-proven resource protection.

Access Orchestrator

truePass Zero Trust enforces policies that prohibit any access of users and devices into the network. These applied policies grant users access only to pre-approved resources.

Forget About Trust

Zero Trust pledges to annihilate excessive network access – it is based on the belief that organizations should not trust any entity, whether inside or outside the perimeter, at any time. The system administrator should verify all incoming or outgoing transmissions before allowing them to connect to any asset.

While most industry experts see this model as the way forward and most organizations want to adopt a zero-trust stance, traditional approaches have made it impractical to accomplish at scale. Current implementations, via complicated router ACLs, firewall rules, network access control systems, other segmentation solutions, and the combination of various software-defined perimeter solutions, force tradeoffs between airtight security, affordability, and scalability.

You can have one, maybe two, but not all three until now. With the patented truePass Hybrid Access Zero Network, a continuous zero-trust networking stance is finally possible. That’s because the patent truePass Hybrid Access provides an easy, self-sustaining network control for every user and machine in your network to get only the access they need. truePass Zero Trust eliminates excessive trust and allows attackers to move freely throughout your network.

Why IT Teams Prefer Terrazone’s Agentless ZTNA

Opting for Agentless Zero Trust Network Access through truepass enables organizations to effortlessly streamline permission management for diverse employee roles, ensuring robust network security with utmost confidence.

For Cost-Effective Security

truePass helps reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by providing network security tailored for the cloud and remote workforce. Say goodbye to manual configurations and hardware hassles associated with granting special access privileges.

For Enhanced Visibility

truePass offers seamless visibility and control over vital corporate resources through a unified administration panel. Monitor user traffic and activities with confidence, ensuring your company’s security and compliance status is always assured.

For Enhanced Security Measures:

Empower your IT team with truePass, providing a comprehensive suite of critical networking and security features. Experience the industry’s most granular and user-friendly access management platform for heightened security.

Comprehensive Encryption for All Layers, Ports, and Protocols

In accessing vital corporate assets from diverse devices, locations, and unfamiliar Wi-Fi networks, truePass delivers secure and encrypted access across all layers. Setting it apart from other solutions, truePass utilizes IPSec or WireGuard to ensure continuous encryption. Furthermore, it considers the devices and locations of third-party contractors, contributing to an elevated security posture.

Frequently asked questions

The implementation time for truePass is exceptionally fast, It takes only 3 hours and you can start using it within the same day. The implementation process is carried out by TerraZone’s dedicated implementation team swiftly and efficiently.

The truePass solution is a unified product comprised of multiple modules. The first module enables remote connections for both suppliers and users, offering full support for MFA/2FA/OTP authentication and the ability to identify geolocation. Additionally, external suppliers connecting intermittently can be authenticated through MFA sent to the system administrator with identification details.

TruePass strengthens user protection within the organization through network segmentation. This segmentation, based on applications (HTTP/SSH/RDP, etc.), facilitates efficient and straightforward isolation. Users are identified using MFA, and the network is segmented at the infrastructure level, providing control and monitoring over their connections and those of company employees.

TruePass supports a range of authentication methods for remote connections, including MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), and OTP (One-Time Password). These robust authentication mechanisms enhance security for both suppliers and users accessing the system remotely.”

Absolutely. Instant Messaging aligns with the EU GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation) framework, as stipulated by the European Union in relation to the gathering, utilization, and retention of personal data from member countries. Omnibox is certified in its commitment to meeting the criteria for notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement.

In addition, Instant Messaging is compliant with ISO, HIPAA, and FIPS standards, ensuring a robust and secure data handling environment.

  • Yes, truePass enables effective network segmentation based on applications and services. The segmentation, such as VLAN Users/VLAN Services, allows for a simple and efficient division of networks, providing enhanced control and security for different types of applications and users within the infrastructure.

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