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OMNIBOX: A Comprehensive SaaS Solution for Secure WhatsApp and Telegram Management

TerraZone's OMNIBOX software solution allows organizations to connect and manage their WhatsApp and Telegram accounts from a web interface, providing advanced security measures and file management capabilities. With the added ability to integrate with the truePass hybrid solution, OMNIBOX delivers a complete Zero-Trust architecture for ultimate resource segmentation and user access management.

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truePass Hybrid

TruePass is a privileged access management solution that aims to improve security and productivity by reducing the attack surface area, cutting operational overhead, and easily enforcing compliance. It replaces VPNs, shared credentials, and legacy privileged access management technologies.

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truePass Zero Trust

truePass Zero Network means that each user only has access to the resources they need and that this access depends on identity and context. Within our truePass dashboard, you can quickly segment your users into groups and create policies that define which of your connected resources (Hybrid, on-prem servers or apps, public cloud apps etc.) are accessible to specific groups.

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truePass SDE

truePass SDE is an entirely secure data exchange solution, protecting both inbound and outbound data exchange.

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