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truePass Secure Information Exchange

truePass Secure Information Exchange stands as a robust and comprehensive data exchange solution that focuses on ensuring the utmost security for both inbound and outbound data exchanges.

Secure Information Exchange Features:


Secures all data exchange scenarios in one platform


Highly scalable solution​


Dozens of pre-built truePass Connectors to business applications​


Robust data exchange deployments​


Highly intuitive and straightforward end-user interfaces​


Supports human and application data exchange scenarios​


SecureStream policy and workflow engine​


Security solutions, data repositories, and cloud services​


Full auditing of all “where, what, who, and when” data exchange and access.​


Deployed on-premise or in the cloud​

Secure Information Exchange

Human Data Exchange

Control, manage, and secure all human data exchange scenarios – incoming/ outgoing email, S/FTP, consumer cloud access, file uploads, mobile data exchange, employee collaboration (EFSS), and digital vaults.

Application Data Exchange

Control, manage, and secure all application data exchange scenarios – business-to-business file transfers, application-to-application file transfers, and financial transactions.

Anti-Financial Fraud

deploy a highly secured and authenticated end-to-end (Customer Finance Center-Customer) solution for digital check deposits, ATM withdrawals, Wire Transfers, and Emails Requests between people-to-people, people-to-business and business-to-business.

Prevent Ransomware Attacks

prevent ransomware attacks from encrypting your files by controlling their encryption type, file size, and type, verifying their integrity, and ensuring any file manipulation is done solely by SDE.

The benefits of providing application access via truePass Secure File and Email Access:

truePass SDE ensures seamless compliance with policies and regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA, safeguarding sensitive data effortlessly. experience a reduction in both operational and capital costs through effective consolidation. Shield files from unauthorized access while enabling client-less file access, giving you unparalleled control over file usage. Consolidate all human and application file access scenarios in a single, streamlined platform for simplified and efficient management. Elevate your data security strategy with the comprehensive benefits of our SDE solution.